(Event After Movie)

At the end of 2015 Dazed & Confused celebrated their first year in business. In December 2015 they held an event appropriately named '1'. They invited us to film the event with the intention of producing an after movie to commemorate their first birthday.


(Event Promo)

This promo video was produced for Dazed&Confused to promote one of their

local events as part of their facebook ad campaign.

College Europa FC


This is a documentary which we prepared for College Europa FC. We followed the team as they made history along with Lincoln Red Imps FC as they became the first local gibraltarian teams to have the opportunity to compete in a UEFA tournament.

Classic Cuts

(TV Advert)

This was our first TV spot porduction and we did so for Classic Cuts back in 2013

who wanted to show case the different hair and beauty services they offered.