Taste of Italy...mmm!

I was thrilled to be invited by Lino from Casa Brachetto to come down to his restaurant and take part in capturing and experiencing the ‘Taste of Italy’ event which is quickly becoming a must do for all you food and wine lovers out and about in Gibraltar.

At first sight the menu looked fantastic.

Five beautifully selected wines, handpicked by the man himself to perfectly complement each of the dishes. But hey! I'm no food critic...I just know what I like. So next time why not give them a call?

Book a place for you and yours and taste it out for yourselves.

In the meantime why don’t I leave you with some pictures which might help stimulate those palettes and give you a visual taste of what it is I experienced ;)

Buon Appetito!

For more information on this delightfully quaint Italian restaurant in Gibraltar, please feel free to visit their website www.casabrachetto.com

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