Best Man?...Anyone?

This past summer i was really excited, and no, it was not just because of the good weather, the sea or the late nights navigating the streets of neighbouring Spanish towns on yet another tapas run!

I was excited cause i had been asked to be the best man at my Uncle's wedding.

We had grown up together and i always felt he was more like my older brother. I love the guy to bits and i have always looked up to him, so as soon as he asked me to be his best man i knew the pressure would be on when it came to the speech.

How was i going to describe, in words, the life we had shared together thus far? What we had been through? All those good times?

Well i decided, seeing as i had a few video and photography skills at my disposal, that i'd prepare a little video tribute to honour the man. Something which would capture the key moments of our childhood which defined us, yet more importantly, the moments which defined him to become the man he is today.

I have to say that it was one of the most emotional yet gratifying projects i had ever worked on and was well pleased to see his reaction on the night when the video was played during their reception.

Directors Note:-

I think it would be important to note at this stage, just so you’re all up to speed with the background story of the actual video, that as a result of many environmental factors (mainly alcohol and the pressures of having to deal with me during his early years) my uncle had developed an alter ego.

This alter ego would always tend to present itself during nights of heavy drinking and came in real handy to excuse my uncle from any behaviour which would later be considered "inappropriate"

The name he gave his alter ego...Billy.

Hence the title of his film 'La Leyenda de Billy', in English 'The Legend of Billy'.

Have someone special you would like to surprise with a video such as this one? Are you maybe organising a school reunion and would like all your guests to enjoy a trip down memory lane?

We can create similar films for any occasion, but more importantly create something which has meaning and is special to you. Why not get in touch for more information ;)

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