Hey! thanks for sticking around.

Here on my blog i'll share anything and everything which inspires me to create. Articles, music, tech news. The works! So feel free to look around and hope you enjoy your stay.

This first post will also offer me the opportunity to share with you some of the things which makes Candessence Cinematography unique.

The picture below is just a snap shot of the many incredible things we filmed during Joanne & Alan's wedding day. We had the pleasure of shooting with Figgy Photography who had set up this incredible 'Car Breakdown' scene.

Instead of just standing around, i decided to film the shoot even if it was just to obtain some B-Roll footage. I thought at the time that it would be great if i could somehow incorporate the shoot to form part of their wedding film.

However i was conscious that this was not my shoot, so i did the filming without imposing too much on the photographers and their time with the couple.

At the time i had little idea what i was going to do with the footage.

A few months ago whilst editing the project i was listening to Maroon 5's new album. The track 'Sugar' caught my attention. I started playing with the images, turned them into B&W and decided i would try to add the lyrics of the song to the clips to see how it all looked.

All of a sudden BAM! i realised it had all managed to come together quite nicely. I thought it was great that without their knowing, the couple had just starred in their very own Music Video haha!

So...here it is...hope you enjoy it ;)

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