The Music Video

In our first post i showed you how i had managed to create a "Music Video" of sorts.

Bear in mind the footage had been obtained whilst filming another photographer's shoot and without wanting to impose on their shoot by engaging with the couple too much.

Below however, you will be able to appreciate what we can accomplish if we actually set out to film and produce a Music Video.

Back in 2014 i was approached by the very talented local Gibraltarian artist, Karl Ullger.

Yep that’s Karl :D

He told me he had seen some of my work and wanted Candessence to film his special day. We decided to setup a creative session and discuss ideas.

Imagine my surprise when halfway through our session, Karl decides to announce that he wants to surprise his bride-to-be with a Music Video. Yep an actual Music Video!

He had it all figured out.

The video would be played at the end of their dinner reception whilst the desserts were being served.

He wanted to do a parody-like video of Macklemore's 'Thrift Shop' and had already discussed the idea with his best men who were more than eager to get the project going.

The hardest part was making it fit in as part of the wedding film itself.

So after much discussion we decided we would film it as if it had been filmed the morning of the actual wedding day whilst they were all getting dressed for the big ceremony. They would be having some drinks, getting excited, all the while listening to Macklemore's album 'The Heist' (as you do).

Then BOOM...the 'Thrift Shop' track would drop.

EVERYONE would lose the plot and the rest would be history.

With a little bit of planning, some onesies which Karl and the boys were persistent on wearing and many co-operative friends, we were able to pull it off within a couple of weeks before the actual wedding day.


I thought it would be great to add a link to the original music video by Macklemore so you could compare it with ours to see how it ended up looking.

So without further ado, for those of you who have not yet seen it....

....I hope you enjoy Karl’s Thrift Shop music video.

What did you think? If you liked what you saw, why not share it on facebook ;)

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