Last year i was fortunate enough to be approached by College Europa FC, who after a successful season had managed to reach the final of Gibraltar’s domestic cup tournament, The Rock Cup. 2014 was to be a very important year for Gibraltarian football. It was to be the first year where local Gibraltarian teams playing at the top of the senior class division, known as the premier league, where doing so under an association, the GFA, which was now a full time member of UEFA. This meant that the gates to European football had been opened and now local Gibraltarian football teams had the opportunity to compete in Europe’s biggest footballing stage; the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa Lea

Best Man?...Anyone?

This past summer i was really excited, and no, it was not just because of the good weather, the sea or the late nights navigating the streets of neighbouring Spanish towns on yet another tapas run! I was excited cause i had been asked to be the best man at my Uncle's wedding. We had grown up together and i always felt he was more like my older brother. I love the guy to bits and i have always looked up to him, so as soon as he asked me to be his best man i knew the pressure would be on when it came to the speech. How was i going to describe, in words, the life we had shared together thus far? What we had been through? All those good times? Well i decided, seeing as i had a few video and phot

The Music Video

In our first post i showed you how i had managed to create a "Music Video" of sorts. Bear in mind the footage had been obtained whilst filming another photographer's shoot and without wanting to impose on their shoot by engaging with the couple too much. Below however, you will be able to appreciate what we can accomplish if we actually set out to film and produce a Music Video. Back in 2014 i was approached by the very talented local Gibraltarian artist, Karl Ullger. Yep that’s Karl :D He told me he had seen some of my work and wanted Candessence to film his special day. We decided to setup a creative session and discuss ideas. Imagine my surprise when halfway through our session, Karl deci


Hey! thanks for sticking around. Here on my blog i'll share anything and everything which inspires me to create. Articles, music, tech news. The works! So feel free to look around and hope you enjoy your stay. This first post will also offer me the opportunity to share with you some of the things which makes Candessence Cinematography unique. The picture below is just a snap shot of the many incredible things we filmed during Joanne & Alan's wedding day. We had the pleasure of shooting with Figgy Photography who had set up this incredible 'Car Breakdown' scene. Instead of just standing around, i decided to film the shoot even if it was just to obtain some B-Roll footage. I thought at the tim

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